Cookie Policy

On this website (hereinafter, the “Website”) Balconi Spa uses technologies to gather information useful to improve your web surfing experience. This policy refers to these technologies (cookies) and is aimed at making you understand, in a clear way, the use we make of cookies and how to possibly disable them.

This policy can be modified in any moment, we kindly ask you to verify, at the bottom of this document, the date of last revision.

Any change to this policy will be valid from the date of publication on the Website.


1. What cookies are

Cookies are text files that the websites visited by users send to their terminals, where they are saved to be re-transmitted to the same websites during subsequent visits.

Cookies are data created by a server that are saved in a text file on the hard disk of the PC’s user  and allow to gather information on the web surfing carried out by the user on the website.

They can be saved in a permanent way on your computer and have a variable length (so-called persistent cookies), but can also vanish when closing the browser or have a limited length (so-called session cookies).

Cookies can be installed by the website you are visiting (so-called first party cookies) or can be installed by other websites (so-called third party cookies).

Cookies are used for different aims, have different characteristics and can be used both by the owner of the website you are visiting and by third parties. Hereinafter, you will find all necessary information on the cookies installed through this website, and the necessary indications on how to handle your preferences in their respect.

For further general information on cookies see: or


2. Types of cookies used

The use of cookies by the owner of this website, Balconi Spa, falls within its Privacy Policy: see above for all information requested by Article 13 Privacy Code.

The only cookies used by this website are analytics cookies.

Performance cookies, also called analytics cookies, gather information on the use made of the website and allow us to improve its functioning. By way of example, performance cookies show us the most visited pages, allow us to verify what the recurring use schemes of the website are, help us understand any difficulty encountered in the use of the website and what the contents our visitors are mostly interested in are.

This website exclusively uses Google Analytics, cookies that allow us to gather information on the use of the website by the users to create use statistics. This instrument was rendered anonymous by us (i.e., we will not have access to your IP address), in order not to treat any personal data of any kind, but only data made anonymous.


3. How to modify cookies settings

You can oppose the registration of cookies on your hard disk by setting your browser in a way such to disable cookies. Hereunder the modalities offered by the main browsers:

After doing this, however, some functions of the web pages could no longer be carried out correctly.